Star was found as a pup wandering the streets… alone, scared and with no one to love.

When Star first came into our care, she had multiple issues. These ranged from food aggression to separation anxiety. She could not be left alone for any period of time whatsoever as she became extremely destructive, vocal and scared. Star’s separation anxiety was to such an extent that she even put a greenhouse out of commission by bursting through a window to get out and find company!

15Star being around anyone with food was also an issue. Before she came to us we were told that she would literally snatch any food from your hands and gobble it down. She would even try taking your entire hand with her as she was not very confident as to where her mouth began and ended!

Star was fostered and eventually adopted by Nathan and Axel who have now given her a forever home in Scotland. Since Star’s adoption, she has turned on her feet ten-fold! Star has become an integral part of the family and they keep saying that not a day goes by where living without Star would be even considered!


Star and her new sister Suki are inseparable. They literally do everything together, be it going out for walks to tearing toy foxes to shreds!

Her eating habits have impressively improved as well. She now sits and waits to be told that she is allowed to eat (even though she still thinks that giving a paw would get her food faster)! She possesses an absolute crazy (in a good way) attitude and can’t sit still for more than a few seconds as she loves her playing and cuddles too much.


Recently she had her first proper run on a rig which was a massive success! She was described as being “mental” on the rig which in her case was a compliment! She also tends to be a firm believer in the philosophy that if a muddy puddle exists that it MUST be stepped into!


Star is an all round bundle of joy in her new household. She is now part of the family and is cherished and loved dearly. We love success stories like Star’s as we firmly believe that every dog deserves a chance of love and acceptance no matter the circumstance. We look forward to more success stories such as Star’s.