On the 23rd January 7 very special bundles of joy was born, however due to mummy recently being adopted from a pound (unaware she was actually pregnant at the time) and her only being a baby herself, mummy did not take to these very special bundles and rescue help was sought

At 18 hours old 6 out of the 7 puppies entered their journey into rescue and a small team of 3 very dedicated fosters took the puppies on. The names then becoming, Dolly, Gus, Kavic, Lola, Nikita and Thor. The puppies have been hand reared in rescue and they really have been through the mill. We are very sad to announce that little Gus, Lola and Thor have all passed over on to Rainbow Bridge as unfortunately they all had infections from bite wounds they obtained from mummy being scared and their little bodies could not fight it even with the help of antibiotics. We also nearly lost our special boy Kavic. He gave his foster mum an awful fright and his little heart stopped but his foster mum was able to bring him back thankfully.

The remaining puppies, Dolly, Kavic and Nikita are all doing very well and are very strong fiesty little furbabies. We are very fortunate that all 3 babies have very special homes ready and waiting for them when they are 12 weeks old.

We would just like to take this oppertunity to share a slideshow of all 6 of the puppies very special journey and say a massive thank you to an amazing photographer Tony Roscoe, who has had hours of fun playing with the puppies grabbing action shots and even giving hand rearing a go himself.  So Tony from the bottom of our hearts thank you so much for capturing these amazing pictures and giving the team some very special memories for us to share.


Mya is a beautiful 17month old Siberian Husky mix female. Mya was being advertised as free to go to the first person to come and collect her from the advertiser. Poor mya was thick with dirt and living solely in a back garden with alot of dangerous debris including rusty nails in old broken wood panels and shards of broken glass. When Mya was collected all her bowls were dry with no food or water down for her. There was no food in the home for her either sadly and there was an admission of Mya receiving physical abuse.

Mya was thick with dirt, her coat was all matted and her nose was dry. She was frightened of the world and even more frightened of adults. Her first day in rescue she was very reserved and we found that when we tested her with other canine company this gave her the confidence she needed to eat and drink and even begin to interact with humans.

After her second day Mya was much more confident and was able to be groomed.. just look at the difference of our beautiful little star! Mya is currently in foster and is searching for her forever home. If you are interested then please contact the rescue. Mya is good with children and with patience is brilliant with adults too. Mya needs canine company, preferably a young canine to play with her and no small furries or cats as mya has a very high prey drive!


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