Category: Success stories


Hi everyone I am tazz a rescue boy with howls for help rescue for life and I was sadly deemed by the courts in Feb 2017 as a dangerous dog I had an accident when I went to take my ball from a child that was playing with me and I caught her face. The […]


Star was found as a pup wandering the streets… alone, scared and with no one to love. When Star first came into our care, she had multiple issues. These ranged from food aggression to separation anxiety. She could not be left alone for any period of time whatsoever as she became extremely destructive, vocal and […]


Ayla (Mya) is settling in beautifully. She has taken to off lead like a trooper and is very loyal and loving. She met the sea in September and is getting more adventurous each time- up to her knees last time she went in. Her favourite games are tug of war and playing ball on the […]

Hand reared trio

HAND REARED HOWLERS Before the trio left for their homes…. Kavic                     Shelby                     Dolly Dolly           Shelby       Kavic Updates from April/ May 2016…. Dolly out Camping!                                             […]

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